Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Wok Style Three Cup Chicken ???

Throwback: September 6,  2016

It has been more than 20 years I never use a wok to cook. This time, I did it again, for my dad because mom was sick when I was back home for holiday. 

Look at this wok. My mom has been using this wok for decades I think. She never like any fancy non-stick pan as she doesn't needs it because this wok can be used as non stick wok. Yes, trust me, I cooked fried egg, fried rice etc... even when I was a teenager who doesn't really know how to cook yet. This wok never stick. And now after more than 20 years ... 'Hi wok, we met again! ;) ' 

Basil Leaves ???

The best thing that I like cooking at my parent's house is the fresh ingredients that I can pick from the garden. Hand picked by me, the fresh basil leaves that I used in cooking Three Cup Chicken. These looks a lot better than those selling at the wet market in SG. 

Cooking for my dad, the top food critic in my family, I have to use my trusted recipe. A simple one with all the ingredients ready at my parent's house. The one that I chose was Three Cup Chicken recipe that my little picky eater (my son) approved all the times. This is one of his favourite dish.

Here's the gallery of the cooking steps that I have done at my parent's house, cooked in a wok.

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