Sunday, July 30, 2017

Coping With Your Child’s Food Allergies While Traveling

Childhood food allergies can be deadly. Take care to protect your child while traveling.

If possible, make sure your child knows and understands the foods they are allergic to and what happens when they eat that food. If traveling to visit friends or family, be sure to inform them of the child’s allergy. Ask them to be diligent in reading labels while your child is visiting.

Some airlines list flight meals on their website. Most airlines provide special meals for those with food allergies, if you notify them in advance. Check with your airline for details. However, there is no guarantee that your meal will not be prepared or come in contact with something you are allergic to. Avoid potential problems on the road or airplane by making and packing trip snacks yourself.

When eating out, be sure to ask servers about offending ingredients and avoid roadside stands and unlicensed eating establishments.

Different countries have different food labeling laws. Make sure you know the labeling laws and customs for the country you are visiting. Also, you and your child must know how to effectively communicate the name of the food and severity of the allergy in the language of every country you visit.

The food allergic child should wear medical alert bracelet at all times. In an emergency, parents my not be available to give information to medical personnel.

Carry your child’s allergy medication and emergency injectable with you at all times. The medications should go where ever the child goes.

Keep doctor’s phone number and local emergency numbers handy.

If traveling out of the country consider purchasing pre-printed cards with your child’s food allergy information printed on them. You order cards from a company called Select Wisely. Cards come in many languages and cover any allergy or combination of allergies.