Saturday, April 11, 2015

Ethically sourced veal and foie gras on CBC's Weekend Morning Show!

This morning I presented the following dishes for CBC's Weekend Morning Show with host Terry MacLeod.  I chose these as they are considered controversial but do not necessarily need to be, if sourced and handled properly.  It is important to get to know your butcher, farmer or producer to understand the products offered.

The Foie Gras comes from Brome Lake, Quebec.  It is a free range duck.  They are not penned and walk around freely.  They come to be fed.  The whole duck is used in different products.  They provide an excellent foie gras and is available at DeLuca's on Portage Ave.  

The Veal steak is also a free range product and not treated as large commercial production of milk-fed veal.  This was Halal and is available at Millad's Supermarket on Notre Dame in Winnipeg.

Photo coming soon!

1. Seared Foie Gras with fig or pear compote

Prepare crostini or toasts and top with warm compote as recipe follows;

1/2 - 1 whole sliced pear or 2-3 sliced fresh figs
1/2 tsp butter
ground hazelnuts (optional)
deglaze with Frangelico or Disorrono

Cook pear or figs in pan and cook down with liquor.

Prepare foie gras slices by slightly seasoning with sea salt.  In a hot pan, sear foie gras on both sides until brown and deglaze with liquor.  Place on prepared toasts, top with a few grains of Fleur d�sel or good sea salt and serve immediately.

2. Veal TBone steak
Talk with your butcher as to wanting free range or ros� veal.  Halal veal would qualify.

Prepare steak as to your desired doneness, recommend rare, serve as desired.