Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Pear & Snow Fungus Sweet Soup ~Pressure Cooker Recipe ???~???? - ????, ??, ????

I love dessert especially this kind of nourishing dessert that is good for skin. However I hardly cook this because the cooking time is about 4 hours simmering in a slow cooker. 

Click here for slow cooker version of Pear & Snow Fungus Sweet Soup recipe.

Seriously, it's quite time consuming and my problem is ... the slow cooker takes up so much space of my worktop for that half day of cooking. You will get what I mean if only you have a small kitchen with limited worktop space ;) 

It's been a long time I heard about pressure cooker can shorten cooking time but I doubt it will taste good. Until I get my WMF Perfect Pro pressure cooker, I tried, tasted and to my surprise, YES, it taste as good as the 3-4 hours slow cooked dessert. Just 15 minutes cooking time, I AM IMPRESSED! 



3 Asian Pear (peeled and cut into big chunks)

30g Snow Fungus, about 135g after soaked

8 Seedless Red Dates

16g Chinese Almond ?? (apricot kernel)

2 Dried Figs (US)

1 Litre Hot Water

Some rock sugar (add to taste)

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1. Add all ingredients (except rock sugar) into WMF Prefect Pro pressure cooker, I use 3L pot.

2. Close with the cover and set the knob to 1. 

3. Use medium heat until the cooking indicator rises to the first orange ring.

4. Reduce heat to low and let it cook for 15 minutes. 

5. When the cooking is over, turn off heat. Wait till the indicator (orange ring) go down or until there's no more pressure, turn the knob to unlock. Add rock sugar. You can close the cover and let the remaining heat to dissolve the sugar or just bring to boil until the sugar dissolve. 

6. It's ready by now. Serve warm or chilled. If you like my recipe, click here and follow my page to receive more recipe updates. Enjoy!