Tuesday, March 29, 2016

My Kid's Favourite Dorayaki ?????

When kid grew older, the food become simpler :P
No more drawing on my boy's Dorayaki. Made mini one instead of the oversize one.

Created on 8 November 2016

Dorayaki is a kind of Japanese pancake filled with red bean paste. In Japanese, 'Dora' means 'Gong', it's probably named after its shape? Some believed that it was named after the first Dorayaki that was made when a samurai forgot his gong (Dora) when he leave a farmer's home and the farmer then used the gong to cook the pancakes.

My version of Dorayaki is without Azuki red bean paste because my son didn't like red bean paste and I preferred the plain one which is less sweet. So I usually made single-layer Dorayaki. Well, actually the original Dorayaki consisted of only one layer. 

I have been making Dorayaki with drawing for my son's school recess bento. It is VERY challenging I must say because it's not drawing with pencil and paper, it is batter on HOT PAN! Here are some of my work:

My first Dorayaki created on Feb 24, 2016. First attempt making Rilakkuma.

Created on Feb 29, 2016
2nd attempt on Dorayaki,  first time drawing Swampy with dorayaki batter.
The heat control in this attempt, failed!
However my son said it's PERFECT and he was so happy when he sees this.
His comment warms my heart!

This is Swampy.

Created on March 1, 2016
He wanted the same food on the next day but after I failed so badly on heat control, I tried not to draw on hot pan. But he preferred the first one. >.<
Created on March 8, 2016
Drawing with batter again. This time, the heat control was perfect. 

Created on March 9, 2016

Created on March 21. 2016
It's Swampy and mystery duck! :D
Made different colour tones this time :)

Created on March 24, 2016
Rilakkuma Dorayaki, I like this the most!

Another one... Created on 4 April 2016
The school celebrating International Friendship Day, made 2 Kuma (bear) friends for my boy :)

Created on 7 April 2016
Back to simplicity...but my boy said ' Wahhh.....' :D 

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1. The Dorayaki made with this recipe is fluffy and slightly softer than the store bought one. 

2. It can be consumed when it's warm or at room temperature. 

3. If you wish to keep this for later, once it's completely cooled, keep in an airtight container and store in the freezer. When needed, remove from freezer and warm it on a non stick pan or microwave. It's as good as fresh one!

Ingredients: ??

40g Self Raising Flour ??? 40?

35g Sugar ??? 35?

1/2 tbsp Honey ?? ???

1 Egg ?? 1?

1 tbsp Water ? 1??

If you are sharing this recipe, kindly attach the link to this blog instead of screen capture/ copy & paste/ use in your blog and claimed as your recipe! Thank you.



1. Mix all ingredients in a bowl with a spoon until well combined. DO NOT OVER MIX THE BATTER else the Dorayaki will turn out hard and dense.

2. Wipe the non stick pan with a drip of oil. Heat the pan.

3. Pour 1 tbsp of batter on the centre of the pan. When the batter starts bubbling, flip it over.

4. When both sides are brown, transfer to a plate.

5. Repeat step 3 and step 4 for the rest.
???? 3 ? 4 ???????????????,??LIKE?????????,???????????

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