Thursday, April 21, 2016

WMF Perfect Pro Pressure Cooker Giveaway 22 April - 6 May 2016 [CLOSED]

WIN a set of WMF Perfect Pro Pressure Cooker worth S$539!


TWO winners who shared the most CREATIVE and INSPIRATIONAL home cooked food with full recipe will be selected. 

The winner's recipes will be featured in this blog. 

You can share your mom's recipe or yours.

Attached with a picture in the COMMENT of the GIVEAWAY POST. 

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Here's what YOU need to do:

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3. The WMF Perfect Pro pressure cooker pot is made of ...........

A. aluminum

B. stainless steel 

C. cast iron

Write the correct answer in the COMMENT of the GIVEAWAY POST, along with a home cooked FOOD PICTURE with FULL RECIPE (need not be pressure cooker recipe). The food must be cooked by you or your mom.

Term & Conditions:

- Sg only. 
- 2 winners will be selected by Miki's Food Archives and WMF Singapore. 
- Contest ends 6 May 2016, 23:59h. 
- Winners will have to collect the prize from WMF's sales counter at Metro Centrepoint.
- Incomplete entries will not be accepted. 

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Good luck!

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Here's the winners! Each won a set of WMF Perfect Pro 4.5L+3L Pressure Cooker worth S$539 each! 

Mum's Special Pork Ribs, by Tammy Tng

" Liked both pages and the ans is b) Stainless Steel.

When we were young, my mum would prepare this pork ribs dish. It's one of our favourite. To me, this is my mum's signature dish as I have never come across a dish with similar taste outside. This is the dish that brings back lots of memories and holds a special place in my heart.
Never have a name for this dish and I shall name it Mum's Special Pork Ribs here.

Ingredients for 2-3pax:
500gm pork ribs

Marinate - 1/2 tbspn light soy, 1/2tbspn dark soy & 1tbspn meat curry powder.

To fry, coat the marinated ribs with 2 tbspn of cornstarch. Drain the ribs and oil after frying and set aside.

Sugar coating - 1 1/2 tbspn of fine sugar & 1/2 tbspn light soy sauce. Melt the sugar with the light soy sauce in the wok. Toss in the ribs after all the sugar mixture has melted. Mix thoroughly and evenly. Dish and sprinkle with chopped spring onions.

When my mum told me the recipe last night, well, she don't give measurements so I kind of figure out myself. Taste is pretty close to hers I must say....cheers to my very 1st attempt!

Thanks to this contest, it spurred me to try it out before the recipe is gone with the wind. Hope that it can win me the prize just like how this dish has won my heart! "

Bacon Wrapped Pork Roulade, by Audrey Ong

"Answer B stainless steel

Bacon wrapped pork roulade 

Minced fatty pork
Purple sweet potato (chopped)
1pkt streaky bacon
1 pkt button mushrooms
Assorted veggies to garnish
50g butter
Salt and pepper to season

1. Boil and mash sweet potatoes
2. Fry and finely chop mushrooms
3. Line up bacon neatly overlapping each other vertically on a piece of grease proof paper.
4. Season minced pork with salt, sugar, pepper, mixed herbs and butter, and stir in one direction till sticky
5. Lay out pork on bacon in a thin even layer, leaving a 1 inch margin at the top/bottom.
6. Add one layer of sweet potato, and one layer of chopped mushrooms.
7. Using the grease proof paper as an aid, roll up the roulade in a direction away from you, ensuring that the bacon margin overlaps.
8. Twist the ends to secure like a large sweet wrapper, then wrap again in clingfilm, knotting the ends to secure.
9. Place the roulade in a simmering pan of water to cook and set for 10 mins.
10. Unroll roulade into a sheet pan lined with grease proof paper, and brush with melted butter.
11. Roast at 180 degrees Celsius for 30 mins until bacon is brown and crispy.
12. Remove from oven and let sit for 15 mins.
13. Slice into 2 inch thick slices and serve with garnish.
14. You can vary this recipe by being Creative with your choice of filler meat (as long as it's minced) and other fillings (as long as the flavours go together). 
Forgot to specify estimated 400g of minced meat and 2 large purple sweet potatoes"