Sunday, May 29, 2016

Cookies N Cream Waffles ??????

Making waffles is simple but you must have a good recipe to follow. I bought a new waffles maker few weeks back and I have tried and modified about 8 recipes. Not all are successful although all are edible :D .  However, among the successful one, there is one that I especially like.... the Cookies N Cream waffles, made using Cookies N Cream soy milk added some crushed Oreo. This is the combination that I customised for my family. We all love this!

When I was out of Cookie N Cream soy milk, I'd make plain waffles using the same recipe. Click HERE for Plain Waffles recipe. :)



125g Blue Jacket Unbleached All Purpose Flour or any plain flour ?? 125?

1.5 tsp Corn Flour ??? 1.5 ??

55g Sugar ? 55?

1/4 tsp Salt ? 1/4 ??

1/2 tsp Baking Soda ??? ???

1 tsp Baking Powder ?? 1??


1 Egg Yolk ?? 1 ?

180ml Cookies N Cream Soy Milk ?????? 180?

1/4 tsp Vanilla Extract ??? 1/4??

30ml Oil ? 30?


1 Egg White ?? 1?


Some crushed Oreo (optional) ?????? ??

If you are sharing this recipe, kindly attach the link to this blog instead of screen capture/ copy & paste/ use in your blog and claimed as your recipe! Thank you. ?????????,????????????????????????????????!  


1. Sift (A). 
?(A) ???

2. Mix together (B).

3. Use a whisk, beat (C) until stiff peak.
?(C) ??????????

4. Gradually add (B) to (A), stir to mix until there's no more lumps. Do not over-mix the batter.

5. Fold in (C) in 2 batches until well combined.
?(C) ?2?????,?????

6. Cook in a preheated waffle maker for 5 minutes. Note: Add (D) into the batter right before you cook the waffle, else the waffle may turn out a bit dry.
?????/ ????????????,??????,??,??5????????????,??LIKE?????????,???????????

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