Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Monster University ~ Randall Boggs Swiss Roll

Created on 19 July, 2016

Created on 19 July 2016

This was custom made for my 7yo son upon his request. Normally kids or adults who have watched Monster Inc or Monster University would like the characters like Mike or Sulley, but my son, he would never likes the main characters in the show. Just like when he watch Alice In Wonderland, he likes Cheshire Cat, Mad Hatter and March Hare but not Alice. And that is why, I have to start venture in cake decorating because the cakes that he wants, I would never ever able to get from any bakeries.

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Left - The bad Randall in Monster Inc
Right - The good Randall in Monster University

Created on 19 July 2016

In Monster Inc, Randall is greedy, ruthless, sneaky, short tempered, competitive and overall evil in action. But the Randall that my son likes, it's the Randall in Monster University. And, this was what I have made, the Randall that wear glasses. The Randall that was originally a kind, timid teenage monster. Oh yeah, my son likes him because he made cupcakes to share with friends :P 

Here's a video of my creation >>

Randall Boggs

Randall Boggs fresh from my oven :D 

Randall Boggs Swiss Roll
The inside....This is a mild strawberry flavour swiss roll.

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