Monday, February 27, 2017

Steamed Hidden Treasure Egg Tofu ?????

When my son was a toddler, I used to steamed tofu (aka bean curd) for him to eat with rice. A good source of protein, soft and easy to digest for the little stomach. Added some root vegetables to make it nutritious and higher fibre, thus it's named 'Hidden Treasure Tofu'. 

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Ingredients: ??

50g Minced Pork ?? 50?

4 Large Prawn (peeled & deveined, chopped) ?? 4?,????

1 Egg Tofu/ bean curd ??? 1?

1 heap tbsp Finely Shredded Carrot ???? 1???


1/2 tsp Sesame Oil ?? ???

Dash of White Pepper ??? ??

1/2 tsp Oyster Sauce ?? ???

1/2 tsp Soy Sauce ?? ???

Pinch of Sugar ??? ??

1/4 tsp Tapioca Flour ??? 1/4??

1/4 tsp Shao Xing Hua Tiao Cooking Wine ????? 1/4 ??


Pinch of Salt ? ??

1/4 tsp Sesame Oil ?? 1/4 ??

Dash of White Pepper ??? ??


Pinch of Salt & White Pepper (add to taste) ????? ??


Sesame Oil to grease the mould/ steaming tray ?? 

Some wolfberry and Chinese coriander for garnishing (optional) ????? ??

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Method: ??

1. Add (A) into minced pork, mix well. Add (B) into prawn, mix well. 

2. Combined all ingredients except (C), mix well.

3. Oil the steaming tray with sesame oil.

4. Use a spoon, scoop the tofu mixture onto the tray. Topped with some wolfberry. (This is optional, I just like my food to looks good!)

5. Steam in a hot steamer for 10-12 minutes (depends on the thickness of the patties).
When it's ready, remove the tofu from the tray. Transfer the tofu on a plate, garnish with Chinese coriander and serve warm with steamed rice. 
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