Thursday, June 29, 2017

Minion Birthday Swiss Roll ????????

Every year at this time, it's my busiest month of the year because July is my son's birthday month. This year I started baking his cake earlier because he doesn't wants to have birthday party, just want to have simple celebration at home. So I promised him to make him an extra cake on his lunar/ Chinese birthday. 

Minion birthday swiss roll for my 8yo son. 

He requested a Minion cake. Looking at the space in my refrigerator that was FULL, I decided to make a small swiss roll with a simple Minion drawing. Ahemm....I shouldn't use the word 'simple' because it looks simple but it's a tedious and time consuming process mixing the coloured batter. Took me more than 2.5 hour to bake this. So don't try the drawing if you have no time and patience. You can try my Classic Vanilla Swiss Roll, that's what I would highly recommend. It taste really good, quick and easy to bake. :)

Click here for full recipe ???????. ???? >> Classic Vanilla Swiss Roll Recipe.