Thursday, August 10, 2017

Coconut Milk Jelly

A simple and gorgeous Coconut Milk Jelly  - sweet, chewy and refreshing. Ideal to serve this on a party dessert table or as anytime snacks on a hot day. ;)


135g Coconut Milk ?? 135?

300g Fresh Milk ?? 300?

530g Water ? 530?

10g (1pkt) Konnyaku Jelly Powder ????? 10?(???)

200g Sugar ??? 200?

5 Pandan Leaves ??? 5?

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Method: ??

1. In a bowl, mix sugar and Konnyaku jelly powder. 

2. Heat up water, coconut milk, fresh milk and pandan leaves in a pot. Gradually stir in (1).

3. Continue stirring. Bring to a boil, turn off heat and constantly stir till the jelly powder is fully dissolve.

4. Discard pandan leaves. Pour the mixture into jelly mould/ cups/ tray. Let it cool, cover and keep in the refrigerator for 4 hours. Serve chilled.

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