Friday, April 1, 2016

Ebi Fry aka Deep Fried Prawn ????

I never like deep frying food with oil at home, not only the food is oily, it's the 'oil' smell all over the house after deep frying that I can't take it.

Lately, I have been using Medella premium organic coconut cooking oil in most of my cooking and I find that this oil has a neutral flavour, there's no unpleasant smell even after I pan-fried fish. So I decided to try it in deep frying food. Surprisingly it does not have that 'oil' smell after I did my deep frying and the food turned out less oily. But of course, temperature control is crucial, I got my new thermometer to monitor the oil temperature, so now my deep frying food is perfect with the use of good quality oil + new gadget ;)

Here's sharing one of my favourite - Ebi Fry that I cooked recently. This is the 'MUST EAT' side dish whenever we dine in at Tonkinchi ~ one of our regular weekend dine-in restaurant. The recipe that I'm sharing here is similar to my Crispy Fish Finger  and Chicken Nugget recipes, just some additional steps in preparing the prawns that I would like to highlight in this blog.


Large Fresh Prawns 

Egg (Beaten)

Garlic Salt 

Bread Crumbs (the one shown in the picture were coated with rice crumbs)

White Pepper 

Self Raising Flour

Corn Flour

Cooking Oil (I used Medella Premium Organic Coconut Cooking Oil)

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To prepare the prawns for deep frying:

1. Wash, remove the shell (keep the tail) and devein the prawns with a skewer. Snip off the tip of the tail and use a knife, scrape the tail to remove the stinky blood/ water. Snip 3-4 slit the bottom of the prawns so that the prawn can lay down STRAIGHT.

2. Add some generous amount of corn flour to the prawn, toss to coat and immediately rinse with running water. 

3. Dry it with kitchen towels and it's ready for the next step. If you are not using fresh prawns, drizzle some sake and toss.

This was the quick one done in the morning, prawns and snapper fillets.
I get the fish monger to help me devein the prawns, she slit the back >.< 

4. Season the prawns with some garlic salt and white pepper. Coat with self raising flour.

5. Dip it into the egg until it's completely coated with egg.

6. Dip it into bread crumbs until it's well coated with bread crumbs. Shake away the excess crumbs. Repeat for the rest.

7. Heat oil in a saucepan(medium to high heat). When the temperature reaches 170'C - 180'C, add in prawns. Fry until golden brown. Transfer to a lined basket/ rack, drip off excess oil. Serve warm with mayonaise or tartar sauce.

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