Monday, February 1, 2016

Copycat Ding Tai Fung Prawn Pancake ????(?????????)

Photo updated May 4, 2017

My boy loves to dine at Din Tai Fung restaurant during the weekend. I don't need to ask him what he wants to eat because he has a 'standard' list of food to order and these are the only food that he eats at Din Tai Fung restaurant ~ Fried Rice, Vegetable Pork Dumpling soup and Prawn Pancake.  

Few weeks back, I promised him to make the prawn pancake for him at home. I did a research online. Well, so far....up to date, there's only ONE similar recipe was posted by Elaine (Wokking Mom). However, I did not follow her recipe. Hmm....I'm not going to disclose the reason, everyone has different ways/ method of cooking, I don't judge other blogger's recipe. ;)

First attempt

As you continue to read this blog, you may notice that I only use a few simple ingredients to make this pancake. To me, less is more. Especially for this recipe, the main ingredients that I used is good quality prawn. There's really no need to add too much seasoning in it. 

Well, the one that I made, my boy and me approved! it taste really similar to the one we had at Din Tai Fung restaurant. I did not measure each of the ingredients used because I made small amount, it's pretty tough to get the exact measurement. I'll update the details next time if I take down the measurement. ;)


Prawn (good quality fresh prawn, peeled and deveined) ???? 

Some Shredded Carrots ??? ??

Chopped Spring Onion/ Coriander ?/?? ?? (??????????)

Tapioca Flour ???

Beancurd Sheet ??

Some Toasted Sesame Seeds (optional, I like it more fragrant!) ??(????)

Egg White ??

Seasoning: ???

Garlic Salt ??

White Pepper ???

Sesame Oil ??

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1. Minced the prawn into 'paste'. Sprinkle seasoning and mix until well combined. Add in carrot, spring onion/ coriander and sesame seeds, mix well. 

2. Floured a plate/ worktop with tapioca flour, place beancurd sheet  and spread a layer of prawn paste, brush some egg white on the sides, layer top with another beancurd sheet. 

3. Gently press to flatten, seal the sides. Sprinkle some tapioca flour on the beancurd sheet. 

4. Keep in the fridge for 30 minutes.

5. Heat oil in a skillet, pan fry or deep fry until golden brown and crispy. Serve warm.

Those in the pictures that I'm sharing here was pan-fried, less oily version ;). It will looks better if you deep fry it with oil but of course, more oil in your pancake. 
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Updated 17 February 2016

My 2nd attempt - Ding Tai Fung Prawn Pancake.
This time I used coriander instead of spring onion, it taste 95% same like the original one, just that I pan fried instead of deep fried, my version is less oily.

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