Saturday, March 12, 2016

Checkerboard Birthday Cake For My Hubby, 2015

My hubby does not like sweet dessert or cakes. Therefore, I didn't plan to make birthday cake for him this year. 

On that day, my son asked me to make birthday cake for his dad. So these are the last minute birthday cakes that I baked in the morning, decorated in the afternoon and cut in the evening with simple decoration because this was unplanned, I don't have enough fondant, not even a nice candle for a 'man' birthday cake. The crown candle was from my boy's birthday candle set. lol... 

This, the last minute birthday cake for my hubby. A simple one ;)

My very first checkerboard cake.

Here's the step by step picture tutorial.

One from me and the other one made by my boy. He added a little surprise in his cake to surprise his dad. My sweet little boy....

The surprise cake  - A pinata cake filled with Skittles. 

My boy mixing the cream...

My boy trying his very best piping 'Happy Birthday Daddy' 

And DA DAAA..... the Pinata Cake made by my 6yo specially for his dad ;)
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