Saturday, March 12, 2016

'Where's my water?' Swampy Happy Holiday Cake

'When you're in good mood, you bake a cake and the cake will turn out nice. When you're not in the mood of baking, don't bake. It will never turn out nice.' That's what I believed.

I baked this cake with extremely good mood. :D and I was surprised with the result! I have no idea what to decorate on this cake until the very last minute, I decided to try free-hand carve a 2D fondant Swampy. Swampy is one of the character in  'Where's my water' game, Swampy is my son's favourite gator in this game. I have been preparing dorayaki with Swampy drawing for couple of times. So carving this fondant gator isn't a tough job for me compared to drawing with dorayaki batter on a hot pan! lol... **sweating**

This is Swampy. Do they look alike? 

The 'inside' of this Swampy cake is PINK Bandung flavour (aka Rose flavour) Sponge Cake using the Perfect Sponge Cake recipe. Love the colour and smell!

Here's some 'in-the-making' photos...

Frosting with fresh cream. 

My first free-hand 2D fondant Swampy.