Sunday, July 31, 2016

Spinning Lego Theme Birthday Cake

24 July 2015

Back to the grandparents home...Lego theme birthday party to celebrate my son's 6yo birthday with families.  Back here, I do not need to bake and decorate cake because my cake decorating mentor is here ~ My sister in law :) In the past, before I started cake decorating, she's the one who made beautiful cakes for my son's birthday. And, she's the one who inspired me, given me courage and sharing useful tips with me. A big THANK YOU to you, Jasmine Ng. 

This Lego theme cake was made of Lego, I mean the structure that made the cake SPIN! 

With the effort of 3 of us ....

~ My sister in law design, bake and assemble the cake.

~ My hubby built the 'spinning' structure with Lego bricks. 

~ I made the fondant figurines ~ Emmet and Good Bad Cop

.....the cake was really awesome! Everyone enjoyed the party, EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!

Here's the Spinning Lego Theme Birthday Cake...

.....and the mini figures...Emmet 

....and some pictures....