Friday, November 11, 2016

2 Ingredients Dark Chocolate Ganache ?????(???)

Rich Dark Chocolate Ganache Cake
My birthday cake - year 2016

This is the frosting method that I would highly recommend to those who are new in decorating/ frosting a cake. This dark chocolate ganache can withstand room temperature for hours without melting like those fresh cream does. No colouring needed, a simple ganache cake can be done with just a few ingredients. Hope you'll like it. ;)

Chocolate Banana Moist Sponge Cake aka Ogura Cake with dark chocolate ganache frosting.

Click here for Chocolate Banana Moist Sponge Cake aka Ogura Cake recipe

Ingredients: Frosting for one 6" round, 4 layers cake. 

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300g Dark Chocolate ???? 300?

255g Cream ?? 255?

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Method: ??

1. Melt the dark chocolate using double boil method or microwave for 1 minute.


2. Stir in cream, mix well and set a side to cool. Cover with cling wrap and leave it at room temperature to thickened, about 2 hours. And, it's ready to use. If you like my recipe, click herefollow my facebook page to receive more recipe updates. Don't forget to change the setting to 'SEE FIRST' if you wish to see my post on your Facebook news feed. Enjoy!


Recipe adapted from Alton.B.2004