Friday, November 11, 2016

My Birthday Cake - 2016

Nov 7, 2016

This was made for my birthday. I seldom make such rich chocolate cake but on this special day, I would bake one for myself to indulge in this devilish dark chocolate ganache cake because birthday cake calories..... DON'T COUNT!


?????????????? ��



Initially, I wanted to make a Black Forest cake but looking at the bunch of over ripe bananas sitting on the pantry, I have decided to bake a chocolate banana ogura cake instead of a dark chocolate sponge cake. 

CLICK HERE  >> Chocolate Banana Moist Sponge Cake aka Ogura Cake Recipe 

I made these strawberry flavoured chocolate toppings.
My hubby and son thought these were waffle biscuit. 

Everything on this cake were made of chocolate... dark, white, green tea and strawberry flavoured chocolate. 

The highlight of this cake is the dark chocolate ganache frosting. Dark Chocolate Ganache is super easy to make, no skill required and it can withstand room temperature for hours, the taste is awesome! Made with just 2 ingredients - dark chocolate and cream. ;)

CLICK HERE >> 2 Ingredients Dark Chocolate Ganache Recipe 

Added some chopped cranberries in between the chocolate layers to elevate the taste.